Wedding dresses: How to choose your style?

The main factors when choosing

Choosing a wedding dress is an important and eccentric moment in the life of any bride. It embodies her style and personality, helps to create a magical atmosphere on the most special day. The following factors should be taken into account when choosing a wedding dress:


Every bride is unique, so the wedding dress should emphasise her individuality. Before choosing a style, pay attention to your preferences: what shapes, details and fabrics do you like? To find your ideal style, you can be inspired by the works of famous wedding dress designers.

Body type

When choosing a wedding dress, it is important to consider your figure. Different styles of dresses are suitable for different body types. For example, for an hourglass figure, tight silhouettes are suitable, and for an apple figure, dresses with an accentuated waist and flared skirt are suitable. Here you can ask designers such as Ida Torez wedding dresses to advise you on the right style.

Comfort and mobility

The bride will have to move around a lot at the wedding reception, so choosing a wedding dress that provides comfort and mobility is an important aspect. By turning to wedding dress manufacturers who specialise in comfortable and functional wedding dresses, you can find the perfect dress that will not only be beautiful, but also provide maximum comfort throughout the celebration.

Materials and Details

Wedding dresses are made from a variety of materials such as silk, lace, organza or satin. Each material gives the dress a distinctive look and texture. In addition, wedding dresses can be embellished with various details such as pearls, beads, rhinestones or embroidery. These details give the dress a luxurious and majestic look, making it truly special.

The theme and venue of the wedding

The theme and venue of the wedding can also affect the choice of wedding dress. Some wedding themes may require a certain style or aesthetic. For example, for a burlesque or retro wedding, a dressy gown and a so-called boudoir dressing gown may be the best choice. For a beach wedding, on the other hand, a light and airy dress may be ideal.

Colour Symbolism

Today, most wedding dresses are traditionally white in colour, which is associated with purity, innocence and new beginnings. However, interestingly, in different cultures, the colour of a wedding dress can have different symbolic meanings. For example, in China, red wedding dresses are considered a symbol of happiness and good luck, while in India, brides may wear dresses in bright shades such as red and gold, symbolising wealth and prosperity.


Choosing a wedding dress is an important step in planning a wedding. While choosing the style of the wedding dress, pay attention to your personality, figure features, and the theme and venue of the wedding. You can consult wedding dress designers for advice and inspiration. Remember, a wedding dress should be a reflection of your uniqueness and create an unforgettable look on your special day.