Craft Ideas for Your Leftover Artificial Grass

A lawn covered in a lush, artificial grass looks beautiful year-round and requires very little maintenance. However, after turf is installed, a homeowner often finds themselves with offcuts or scraps of the material that aren’t quite ready to be used in the garden. That’s when a bit of creativity can come in handy!

There are plenty of crafty ideas that can be used to turn these offcuts into unique decorative accents around the home. From creating a textured wall to announcing your front door as the gateway into your family’s paradise, these creative ideas for your leftover artificial grass will help make the most of your investment and make your home feel like a dream.

Create an Instagram-Ready Photo Wall

During garden parties or other events, adding a textured backdrop will help your guests get the perfect picture and set the scene for a fun night out. A few yards of artificial turf secured to a trellis board will give you the perfect spot for group photos and can easily be rolled up when not in use.

Make a Grass Table Runner

If you’re planning on hosting a safari or garden-themed party, a table runner made out of turf can really enhance the theme and elevate your food presentation. Aside from looking great, a turf table runner can also protect your regular dining surface from spillages and heat, as well as the occasional drink dropped by an eager child!

Rugs aren’t the most common place for synthetic grass, but a well-placed rug can really make your house feel homely and comfortable. A quick and easy project, a carpet made of artificial grass can add a quirky touch to your living space and be easily cut to fit any size room.

Cover a Shoe Tray

The cupboard or rack that holds your family’s shoes can be a breeding ground for germs and dirt, so laying down an artificial grass mat will help to reduce the amount of dust, mud, pesticides, pet hair, pollutants, and bacteria that gets tracked into your home. Aside from being aesthetically appealing, an artificial mat will also be easier to clean than a traditional shoe tray, making it an environmentally friendly alternative.

Writing on the Wall

Artificial grass can be shaped into letters and numbers to create unique wall art. Just tack some of your offcuts onto a fence or wall to spell out your name, street number, or even a message like “Love” or “Play.” Wall features are on trend and will instantly make your home feel more welcoming and personal.

There are many other creative ideas that can be used for your unused pieces of artificial grass, but this list provides a good starting point. Be sure to talk with your artificial grass professional about these ideas when you order your next turf installation – they’ll be happy to share more out-of-the-box ways to use it!