Choosing a Salesforce Application Testing Solution: What to Look for

Salesforce is one of the most crucial CRMs in the world. Salesforce is famous because of its continuous innovations. Well, automation tools Salesforce is crucial to business, but choosing the right automation tool for application testing is another big task. Here, we will tell you what you need to look for while selecting a tool for the Salesforce application.

Choose no-code platform

Select a Salesforce test automation platform that doesn’t require coding knowledge to start. A no-code automation tool is helpful for the non-technical users as they do not have to code the testing procedure using the programming languages.

Go for low maintenance platform

Select a Salesforce application testing solution that eases the load of maintaining your tests. For example, self-healing test automation technology may repair broken test cases without requiring human involvement when automation scripts break due to a change in an object attribute, such as Name, ID, Xpath, or CSS. This can save your company hundreds of hours in test maintenance.

Select a test automation tool that uses robust optical character recognition (OCR) algorithms and machine learning to recognize items naturally. A single Salesforce script can execute on both the Lightning and Classic versions of Salesforce thanks to AI-based object detection and object interaction.

Choose the one that offers you the most returns

The cheapest one is not always the ideal option; instead, it will be the one that offers you the maximum ROI. You should calculate the human cost as the most important expense. Your chosen Salesforce automation software should relieve your sales staff of the administrative burden of manually contacting prospects. It follows that the program should reduce the amount of time and resources your sales staff uses each day.

Good integration and scalability

Take into account the order management and customer database integration you need for your Salesforce automation software. You should be able to evolve with the program you pick. To prevent any future logistical issues, do not choose a Salesforce automation software based on the size of your sales staff as it stands today.

Go for a platform with regular updates

It is crucial to pick a platform that gives you the advantage of regular updates. Regular updates will help you stay connected with the technology, ultimately offering incredible speed. In addition, automation requires updates, and for better testing and scalability, you need to update the program to the highest possible versions.

Final thoughts

Salesforce is a complex application; therefore, it is essential to choose the best test automation for enterprise. Well, when it comes to automation tools, Opkey brings you a solution that is so simple to use that anybody in your organisation can use it. Opkey speeds up your migrations, implementations, and upgrades. It accelerates the testing by 10 times, reduces the risk of business downtime from ERP changes by 90% and IT costs by 75%.  With 250+ global enterprises already trusting automation tools, Opkey has everything you need for your business to grow with test automation.