Are You Ready for Arena Breakout Season 3?

Arena Breakout Season 3 comes with a new Warring Factions story, new battle pass prizes, new enemies, and many weapons to add to the collection.

Come to U7Buy if you are looking for a quick and easy top up Arena Breakout! Season 3 has begun in Arena Breakout. We have many events and prizes. The Warring Factions update invites players to pick a side. Will you go with Colom or Tevila? Take your challenge tokens to the store and exchange them for the White Wolf Squad set. We also have new faction missions and contacts. This season’s battle pass allows us to unlock the Blackgold Universal avatar frame. The advanced battle pass has extra rewards.

Side with One of the Two Warring Factions in Arena Breakout Season 3

The Warring Factions Stage 1 is a new Arena Breakout story. You can complete Operation Breach for various resources. The computers have microchips and gold. The TV station has decoders. Should you acquire the necessary number of items, you will complete the operation. When the two progress bars have been fulfilled, you gain access to the TV station’s second floor. Three bosses will hunt you in the TV station. They work alone or in a team, so you have to be ready for them at all times. You will also encounter Blackgold Universal combatants and members of the White Wolf Squad around the station. New weapons are available in Arena Breakout Season 3. The FAMAS assault rifle and Groza are faction-exclusive weapons. We also have the AUG assault rifle that works with 5.56x45mm rounds and the Suomi submachine gun for which you will need 9x19mm ammo. New equipment can be collected as well. We have an RPK gun shield. It comes with the ability to stop frontal bullets. The Exclusive Gold Bounty Crafting is available throughout the season. You will need items to take part in it. Don’t miss the opportunity to get the seasonal helmets. You can up your chances of obtaining the gold and silver helms when you use Onotos gold ore.

Arena Breakout Season 3 Events
A new air drop event is available starting on January 19th. Keep an eye on the air drops in the Valley, Farm, Northridge, and Port maps. You might obtain materials for the crafting challenge from these air drops. Don’t forget to log into Arena Breakout between January 12th – January 25th to obtain 60 coins. A universal key is also at stake. You can use these keys with any room that doesn’t need a card. Weekend warriors are rewarded with 50,000 Koen. Should you complete missions from Thursday to Sunday, you get this prize. We also have free weekly items such as basic gear insurance cards and premium quick kits. The weapon challenge is going on between January 19th and February 14th. When you complete a challenge for the first time, you can obtain the associated weapon. Make sure to get all your rewards before the event is over else you lose them. The Talon Strike event requires players to spend Talon supply passes for an opportunity to grab the Talon gloves and striker. You have up to seven draws. Arena Breakout players are invited to check out U7Buy for the best prices on top up bonds!