5 outfits that offer both comfort and style

While many believe that looking stylish is a desire that people have so that others will see them in a certain light, true style can also transform the way you feel within too, adding to your levels of happiness, confidence and even reducing stress and anxiety.

However, for those of us that have ever had to wear a school or work uniform, or formal attire to work, it’s easy to understand how uncomfortable many stylish or smart clothes can be. Below, we’ll walk you through five outfits that will show you it is possible to look both stylish and be comfortable at the same time. 

What makes clothes comfy?

There are some main factors that affect how comfy your clothes will be. Some things to look out for include:

  • Thermal appropriateness – Look for clothes that are fitting for the season you are wearing them in or for the activity you are doing. 
  • Moisture control – Clothes that wick away moisture not only save the embarrassment of underarm sweat but feel more comfortable too. 
  • Skin friction – let’s hear it for all the itchy wooly jumpers out there. 
  • Pressure distribution – Tight waistbands? Elastic cuffs on sleeves? It’s a no from us. 

Stacked Sweats

While sweatpants used to be a sign of a casual outfit and were an item some people wouldn’t be caught dead in, today’s fashion has taught us they are more high fashion than one may think. 

If you’re looking for some uber comfy trousers that still look cool, try out stacked sweatpants. They have a ‘Justin Bieber’ kind of vibe where you look like you’re about to step on board your private jet. Just make sure your sneakers are as cool if you’re going to pull off this look. 

A simple t-shirt

T-shirts are a staple in any man’s wardrobe, and even your most casual comfy shirts can be highly versatile if you stick to a few rules. That means you should ditch the Hawaiian shirt as you’ll need to keep to muted tones and dark earthy colors and whites to ensure your t-shirt looks simple but stylish. 

What’s more, if you look for a performance material which is usually found in the activewear section, the shirts will be even more comfortable as they will wick up moisture much faster than a cotton shirt. 

Drawstring pants

We’re not talking about sweatpants here. While some sweatpants like the ones mentioned above can look sleek and cool, some are meant for lounge wear only. Drawstring pants are a fabulous invention as they combine the comfy waist of sweatpants, alongside the sheik and smart aura of formal pants. 

Some drawstring pants even conceal the drawstring feature at the top, meaning you are the only one likely to know you’re not wearing suit pants. 

A simple sweatshirt

Need to add another layer to your simple t-shirt and drawstring pants? Try out a simple yet elegant sweatshirt with a simple crewneck that will keep you feeling warm while looking stylish too. One great example is the highly affordable sweatshirt by J.Crew. The sweatshirt looks super smart, while remaining comfortable too. 

Any clothing that fits well

The truth is, if you’re feeling confident then you could really pull off any outfit you wear out, enhancing your confidence levels which in itself will ooze style. As long as you take into account your body type and dress accordingly, as well as by choosing pieces that will last a long time and make you feel good, it’s easier to go from there.

Overall, whether you are fashion conscious or not, having clothes that are both stylish and comfy is a gift that many people take for granted. Now that you’re an expert of comfy but stylish outfit, it’s time to plan a shopping trip